If you’re going to flaunt, do it properly…

Say hello to the Boomkin who I’ve seen every time I’ve logged into THAT spot in the Storm Peaks for the best part of four days. I’ve been impressed by her choice of camping mounts, especially this Twilight Drake, because if you’re going to hang around in the middle of nowhere with the only chance of contact being with other mount collectors who will immediately be impressed that you won the roll on 25 man, this is probably the one to pick.

Looking at the Druid’s activity record she’s killed Skoll within the last 48 hours but not Vyra, which means she’ll be waiting for the Proto Drake for a while yet (I looked, she had Frostbitten over a year ago ^^)  Sadly I don’t have the time to sit by a PC today so she could well get lucky for a second time…

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