… is often a bitch. Not tonight though.

I am flying around the Storm Peaks, hoping that if I concentrate hard enough I can make Vyragosa materialise by sheer force of will. Then I get a whisper from a Guildie herbing in the Twilight Highlands:

 M: Karoma
[FX: Rare Alarm Sound in my head. Panic mode engaged!]
M: Wolf spirit animal
(OMG I need to switch spec NOW argh argh argh I don’t have a free pet slot…)
P: Summon
M: You need?

On reflection I should have been more polite, but I was trying to change spec and work out which pet would have to be lost to accommodate the tame. When I got there I also wasn’t expecting a hostile mob which momentarily freaked me especially as it attacked the Silithid I’d summoned to dismiss and to make a free spot. However, despite my best efforts to stuff it up, I now have 5/6 of the available Spirit Beasts in game:

If you don’t know why I called him Heinz, click here. Thank the Light for Have Group, Will Travel.

I really didn’t expect to see ANY of the Cata rare spawns until we hit the next expansion, and I certainly won’t go looking for Ghostcrawler. However, there are a couple of rare spawns I sense I may be camping in the not to distant future…

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