I used to be a fairly avid card collector, back in the days before I had my kids. By cards I mean Trading Cards, which have taken a fairly significant downturn in popularity over the last decade, not long after I sold pretty much all of my collection to a dealer. There are a few cards left, and now my son is getting into Dr Who he’s been giving me the cards he’s been getting from a BBC magazine to ‘collect’ a full set for him. I also, from time to time, like to pick up a box of Warcraft CCG cards after a Guildie gave me a code for one of the in-game Tabards (which I still wear from time to time on P) in the vain hope that I’ll get lucky and grab one of the rarer Loot cards. This morning a box arrived of War of the Ancients cards, which I’d picked up cheaply on Ebay. I had my fingers crossed for a Landro’s Lichling card…

Wow. Just, wow.

The last thing I expected was the Savage Raptor. My desire to put a Dwarf on a raptor extends from the first time I saw Mandokir’s original mount in Old Skool ZG, and it has not diminished since then. To say I am pleased is an understatement of fairly epic proportions and yes, there may have been celebratory dancing.

I do love this game :D

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