See, this is how you should have done it…

There are countless stat optimisation sites out there for the average Warcraft user, and I should know as I’ve used most of them. Many I find fiddly and confusing, and the one I used to frequent for it’s simplicity (Be Imba) has been down now for quite some time :( It came therefore as a relief to be pointed in the direction of Mr Robot which is incredibly simple to use, means I only need to press a few buttons to get what I want and tells me how to change my gear in simple and uncomplicated terms (as shown above for my hunter)

It comes as something of a reassurance to also discover most of my gear right now is as best as it will get without me running Heroic 10 mans. There’s only one item left on my list to try and snag to make me Mostly Best in Slot too (I’m looking at you Mandokir, stop dropping pants weapons and give up my neck please)

So, if you’ll excuse me I’m off to do some reforging… ^^

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