Yes, I’ve Finished THAT Achievement…

Since Thursday it’s been a bit of a fight with my ISP: horrible latency making instances an absolute nightmare. They don’t seem to be able to fix it either, which means if this continues I think it might be time, after over nineteen years with them (yes, that long) to go and find another service provider. Needless to say I’ve struggled through. I also saw Vyragosa dead at least twice.

Last night however a Guildie whispered me whilst I was in the middle of working out how to do Soul Power with another group. They’d found Vyra, alive, and would I like to be in on the kill?

Like I was going to say no ^^

This means I have no kill shot, mostly because as we aggroed her (Guildie in dragon form via a Vial of the Sands) she killed him and left me with a Parachute gently floating down to the bottom of the Engine of the Makers. It was like a huge weight was lifted from me, and I’ve woken up this morning with a renewed enthusiasm to Achieve. The fact that my kids have gone back to school after half term really is a co-incidence :D

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