…and another one’s done.

Last week was a lot of RL, if truth be told, which in this case is a Good Thing (TM) as I’m going to do some Further Education (of sorts) starting in October. More of that at a later date, for now I will share yesterday’s completion of Item #1 on my ‘List of Things To Do before the 22nd’ which was get the Mage to 85 so I can make sure I have Hyjal open for her to go do Dailies and get new Recipes as soon as humanly possible. As of this morning she’s also not terribly geared and will be ready to throw into Heroics this evening, which is a step forward from Friday where her gear frankly sucked.

Next on the list will be the Druid to 85 (though I’m guessing gearing her won’t be nearly as simple) followed by the Shaman (currently 81) who needs the Blacksmithing patterns from Hyjal…

I’m betting I might get one of those two sorted by the 22nd but not much else…

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