In Warcraft, with so much of the game data mined, blogged and generally dissected to death, there is very little that remains genuinely mysterious. If you think you’ve found something unique and clever the chances are at least twelve other people have too and one’s got a video of him/her doing it on You Tube.

A couple of months ago, when my Rogue was levelling, I made great use of my Dimensional Ripper: Northrend for quick transport. One late night I used it and swore I saw an extra destination under the list of normal ones, but thought nothing of it and ported to the Storm Peaks regardless. It was only several weeks later when overhearing a conversation with a Guildie and my Pally Husband that I realised the significance of what I’d seen. It wasn’t a mistake, it was deliberate. There was a new location that I could go to.


Wonder who she upset for this gig…

It appears that Kaye’s been available for travellers to discover since Patch 3.2, but it was a glorious discovery for me. Frantic research followed where it transpires that Kaye has the three rarest engineered pet recipes for sale but only in limited stock. Once you arrive at what is the bottom of a sewer in Dalaran there is no way out other than a Hearthstone (or your Wormhole generator) and no indicator of if (or when) Kaye’s stock may replenish. Commenters on Wowhead suggest that if you’re prepared to stay logged in and wait then the recipes can restock, but that’s not something everyone has the luxury of doing. Needless to say I’d been using the Roipper daily for weeks in the hope that I’d get lucky and at the weekend I did. I also managed to arrive at the vendor when she was fully stocked:

It’s wonderful to know when you THINK there’s nothing left in a Game to surprise you, something like this pops up to prove otherwise. Needless to say I will continue to use the Ripper even though I have my recipes, as I’m thinking those three would sell pretty well on the AH…

2 thoughts on “Hidden Depths

  1. “opening my mouth in the end was probably the worst thing I could have done.”

    I disagree 100%. In fact if I wasn't one of those people who hate it when others say “I give it 110%” (or other number greater than 100) then I'd disagree more than 100%…

    I've been in the sort of situation you describe more times than I care to remember, not just in PuGs, and I've never apologised for opening my (virtual) mouth and giving my opinion. Why? Because my opinion matters at least as much as anyone else. Because I've been playing computer games for decades and I (generally) know what I'm talking about. Because, without wishing to appear big-headed, I'm pretty damned good at working out an encounter once I understand the mechanics.

    PuGgers have no way of knowing that the likes of you or I aren't 12-year-olds whose gaming heritage consists of Wii-games and shooting stuff, unless we open our mouths and talk. And as I've been saying to SWMBO for yonks, there's no use spouting off to me that the people in PuGs are making your life miserable through their stupidity/selfishness/nubbishness, blimmin' tell them.

    Never apologise for giving your opinion if you think a group is going about it the wrong way. Personally I'd have given it a go with their tactic, and then point out after the inevitable failure that perhaps another way might work out better. THEN if they refuse to try your tactic and instead keep banging their collective heads against a brick wall, it's time to quit. Or vote kick the person who isn't seeing reason. :-)


  2. Grats on the recipes!

    I have been using the generator on average twice daily for the last 3 months and have got to visit Kaye Toogie 3 times. I did however have two of those visits one day after another…

    On only one of those occasions did she have the recipes for sale.

    It seems that the chance for this option is pretty low and, of course, totally random!

    So cross your fingers and hope.

    And when you do get there hope also that your hearth is on cool-down or you'll be keeping Kaye company a while!


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