Loading Screen, May not contain actual Firelands…

Raid impressions to follow this evening, but until then let’s take our first look at the 4.2 Newness…

I had this hairdo IRL. TRUFACT!

OMG NEW HAIRCUTS11!!!!!1!!. Forget for a moment all the other bits that jumped out at me and concentrate for a moment, as me and many, many others did on a feature that, it transpires, isn’t even fully implemented yet. I think that says something as well about how, after six years, the new stuff perhaps isn’t why some people keep playing. I also had a pile of retro-awarded Achievements drop in my lap. I know this would frustrate some people (as the visual ‘ding’ is sometimes more important than the achievement itself) but I’m happy:

It appears there is also a Feat of Strength for getting Exalted with ‘your Guild’: I wonder, do you get another one when you’ve done the same with Five Guilds? ^^ Going back to pets, as many people did yesterday (it’s the same as haircuts and you don’t need nine/twenty-five mates) I had to go visit the wee Draenai lass in the Cathedral District in SW (I am assuming there’s a Blood Elf child some where in Orgrimmar with same as I saw one at the Firelands Portal in the hands of a Goblin) to get my new toy:

As the reality dawns on me that I will need to do a phenomenal number of Dungeons across the summer to upgrade my gear, and that allowing me to cap by doing all that work in one hit if I wish and not making it one a day may actually be more of a curse than a blessing, I find my balloon a strange comfort…

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