Me, some druids and a goblin on a flying mammoth. Go figure.

Having had some time to get my head around the Firelands ‘experience’ it’s clear that Blizzard are doing their best to learn the lessons from previous ‘quest hubs’. The Molten Front is a well-choreographed exercise in action, where you can really feel immersed in a decent representation of combat. However I suspect for anyone with an older computer it’s going to get frustrating and laggy after a while, plus at ‘peak times’ finding all the mobs you need for the quests can get tedious. Add to this those who want to do their achievements (The Fiery Lords of Sethria’s Roost is gonna get really frustrating if you have to tag those mobs yourself) and there is potential for much grumbling and muttering. On the massive plus side however, if you’re off to Sethria’s Roost you’re not alone. You get a bunch of fabulous NPC’s to accompany you, who are now known in this household at least as the Super Friends. No, that’s nothing to do with this lot, rather an homage to this lot

Needless to say I can’t keep the smile off my face when I’m fighting with my group of super dudes. It’s great to spot which other of Azeroth’s greatest heroes are helping out in this assault to boot, and I give much kudos to whoever thought up this quest and bought in this special collection of ex-questgivers and notables to help with the cause. Of my favourites thus far are Linken (with plenty of sword references) and Budd who appears to be throwing a frying pan and passing it off as a ranged attack. Checking Wowhead there are (unconfirmed) over forty possible NPC’s listed who can help you, and I’m surprised the achievement Have… Have We Met? only asks you to track down six… Needless to say I’d pay far more than 16,000g if I could get my hands on Gurgthock’s Flying Mammoth!

P’s currently on 39 Marks of the World Tree, with four other alts on various stages of the questlines. It may be a grind, but the Super Friends in tow it will at least be an enjoyable one… :D

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