Was on early enough this morning to see Tol Barad in Alliance hands. It would have been rude not to go see the new guy as a result except… he wasn’t there, at least on my server. The room was empty, but the big ol’ Hound’o’Doom was noticeable in his absence. As the PvP Vendors are also missing I’d suspect some timer hasn’t activated on our cluster but that was small compensation to the rest of the 10 man group I went into TB with. I thought I’d better let a GM know about the problem as well, and they were pretty fast in their response (less than 30 minutes) catching P in the Firelands on her Dailies.

I think the screenshot should pretty much speak for itself.

More people should think about the bosses ^^

One thought on “Think of the Bosses!

  1. Quality!

    Maybe he actually cut out breakfasts, lost weight and so was able to escape from the prison wing altogether?

    Dieting ftw!


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