Staghelm has a lot to answer for, frankly…

Today is the last day of school for my two kids which means, for the next six weeks at least, Warcraft is considerably lower on the priority list. Having said that I think it’s probably time to do some much needed tidyup on the site generally (lots of the links aren’t the most used) and to look forward to what exactly this site will cover in the months ahead.

Having reached the stage with both P and W where I have one of the vendors open in the Firelands has been a long and (frankly) rather exhausting trip. I plan to try and get everyone at 85 to the stage where they are ‘working’ with these Dailies across the Summer, if only for the cash that they generate. More important at this point is restarting my Truegold production line (there’s an epic Polearm/scythe with P’s name on it for starters) and using the unfinished Cataclysm quest lines on the ‘lesser’ 85’s for cash and items. G the BM Hunter (currently at 81) is doing most of the gathering of ores for the material production line to cash in on XP. I suspect over the weekend I will refine a system to fit in with the change in priorities.

There is lots to do over the Summer, I hope I can make the best use of my limited time in doing so.

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