As expected, we’ve been in Low Play Mode over the last week. Having said that, the Guild is now 1/7 in Firelands with a relatively awesome Shannox kill (go team!) and looking at the progress on Giant Spider Dood I reckon we might get a 2/7 pretty soon. All progress is good, after all.

It’s also been the week where I finally did the Molten Front. Dear Elune, that was awful.

Wings over Dagenham Stormwind!

I am going to make a separate post about this I suspect midweek but this is the first time IN SIX YEARS I’m actually thinking that a grind really wasn’t worth the effort.

As an added bonus, while we’re talking about mounts, I seem to have won a bear.

Please note shiny new crafted polearm on back… :D

There’s another post for this as well, as our five man studiously avoided all the trash on the way to Boss #4 to get this. Is is right to utilise your class abilities to get an item? Jury is still out…

Needless to say this weekend I’ll clearing out the house a bit, so I’ll see you next week sometime…

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