It always rains on holiday… ^^

I was digging yesterday, as I do when I get free time, and I came across the Resort Area that was introduced to the game in 4.1. It made me wonder what we might have coming in the coming months for WoW generally, which is being hinted at already.

I’ve already put my gold on the table for a return to Karazhan as a set of 5 man Heroics,  but I’m wondering how that would link in with the ongoing ‘Deathwing’s gonna buy it in a spectacular endgame cut scene’ situation we find ourselves in. Having been given the Really Not Very Epic At All Thrall Questline (TM)  and knowing we were promised another dungeon in the Abyssal Depths I find myself thinking we could see some elemental gubbins happening as a precursor to The Endgame which I’d expect to arrive sometime next year, as a precursor to The Panda Expansion ^^

However I find myself thinking more about how Blizzard will appease the rapidly-growing number of people who are coming out of the Molten Front Dailies having only now realised they effectively wasted a couple of months of their lives for a mount, a title and a mushroom chair ^^ As grinds go it’s hardly been the most inspiring or entertaining, but I find myself thinking that this ‘formula’ is very likely to be repeated in another of our ‘new’ starting zones… if we are going underwater, I can see all those dailies easily transposed for the next ilevel. If this is the way to go, I’m kinda hoping we get a little more back-story than the perilously flimsy Leyara storyline. Giving her a link to the War of the Shifting Sands is all very well, but it was pretty lore light, considering the depth we were treated to in Wrath (we even got an in-game movie for that) Part of me is hoping that’s about to change.

What hasn’t been mentioned in that many places is the much-talked about ‘new event’ mentioned before Cataclysm launched at the Caverns of Time, the War of the Ancients. Considering the number of potential lore figures involved in this, including many of the major players in Hyjal, I think this is probably is where the focus is heading for 4.3. As Azshara is a major player in this conflict this could link us underwater, however (more significantly for my interests) there are many individuals from the Kirin Tor involved in the fight. They are of course responsible for the foundation of the Violet Eye, the sect founded to watch over Karazhan… If things got really clever we might even see Khadgar forced out of his position in Outland and bought into the fight…

Part of me thinks that now the fuss over D3 is slowing down, we could see some news in the next few weeks. Let’s hope so, and let’s hope it is something to make us excited…

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