The Shaman hit 85 last night, and thanks to some judicious fernangling has an iLevel of 351, which goes to prove the point that gearing is always easier once you’ve skipped the first patch or so ^^ Whether she is capable of healing Heroics… well, time will tell. Watch this Space. Whilst you’re doing that…

I now have six alts at 85 (Hunter, Warlock, Rogue, Mage, Druid and Shaman) of whom only P has completed all the quests in Cataclysm. Those at max level reward not simply a decent wodge of cash per handin but gear ‘upgrades’ which now also become additional income via vendoring. I can make back the money I spent on gearing my Shaman at least twice over by this method and this will not include anything ‘useful’ I pick up in the process, so I think it’s time to start questing again. Add to that both the Shammy and the Boomkin have yet to open up the Molten Front Dailies and I doubt I’m going to be stuck for anything to do as 4.3 rumbles towards us.

If I do find myself at a loose end I can send the Rogue off to TB to do some mining or the Boomy to herb. Remind me to share with you my List Of Profession ‘Things’ To Do over the weekend… ^^

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