There. Now What?

Last night, after multiple failed attempts on Baleroc (25% with a minute to go before Enrage was as good as we got) I decided I was going to spend the most money I’ve ever dropped on a single item in game. The Ranseur of Hatred is Best in Slot for the entire tier and (from memory) I don’t think I’ve ever been a position before to either contemplate buying such an item or to actually be able to afford one. Needless to say, I am acutely aware that I cannot slack on these 10 man bosses. Low dps is not an option or things just wont die.

I could have waited for it to drop from Trash, of course. The decision to purchase it was driven at least in part by the realisation that even if we kill Ragnaros in 10 man there will be not be (even the chance of) a weapon for me at the end of it, or indeed from any of the bosses. With the exception of upgrading from Heroic BoT/BWD/TToTW my only remaining gear improvements currently are from the Firelands. Running heroics for Valor Points is largely a waste of time (unless I want to start gearing alts in 378 bracers) and the only thing my Justice Points are good for are PvP Upgrades or buying Greater Eternal Essences.

I am not friends with the RNG this Expansion. Buying it guarantees it will drop on our next run and one of our druids will get the Upgrade instead :D Everybody wins.

I doubt it will take that long to earn the cash back, either.

It did mean however when I logged into Mr Robot this morning, I was met with the following dialog:

That will do :D

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