No thick leather? I can do something about that..

After dropping a not inconsiderable amount of glods on P’s BiS Polearm, part of me feels I should do something to make back the investment. My normal way of addressing negative cash issues is to throw myself into farming: doing the Firelands Dailies was pretty lucrative as a skinner but is now mostly pointless as an exercise. Savage Leather is not where it’s at, baby. With the news that 4.3’s bringing a reduction in the levelling curve in Northrend I’m seeing a distinct pick-up on all sorts of low level mats prices and, as we can see above, a complete lack of certain items on the AH. With Dire Maul downgraded into a L40-summat instance I find myself thinking it might be time to pop back there for a bit and see if the dogs are as profitable as they were back when I was grinding for Steamweedle Rep.

Right now Thorium Ore is selling for more than Elementium which is great news both for my miners and my JC-er, who will be making hay from prospecting the latter in anticipation of the new patch. The former’s looking like a decent bet to farm across the week to boot, and as our regularly-scheduled Firelands night has moved from Wednesday to Thursday I think I might get someone out to Un’Goro later and see how much I can sweep up in an hour. Un’Goro has the advantage of Ravasaur Hatchings to boot, and as WoW Insider notes today selling pets on the AH is always a decent way to drag in a few coppers. To that end, I should see who has the most Argent Crusade marks gathering dust amongst the alts and get them up to Icecrown. As the coin bags from the Tournament are now guaranteed to have a mark inside them it’s 2-3 days work tops to make enough for an Alliance Pet, plus the gold rewards are still pretty decent. Thinking about it, if I took one of my not-quite-85-yet alts up there I could combine mark farming with actual levelling… ^^

I’m always amazed at those people who moan that there’s no way they can ever make money. It really doesn’t have to be about Dailies any more, either, there are a myriad of options available, especially if you have a toon with a Gathering profession. We’ll see how we do with these ideas for starters, and I’ll let you know if any of these potential avenues bring forth decent rewards…

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