Yaaaarrrrr! YAAAARRR!!!  *cough*  You get the idea…

During the next seven days, I will be mostly…

  • Wearing my Burgy Blackheart’s Handsome Hat for anything and everything. I will also be combining it with my Vrykul Drinking Horn for GIANT GHOST GNOME ACTION.
  • Doing moar achievings on my Warlock who, quite amazingly, is now doing 20k in boss fights in Random Heroics. Have done a bunch of Cookery-related gubbins at the weekend I think we might try and knock off some Heroic TBC Runs for Dungeon dingage.

  • Collecting moar Volatiles on the various Family Miners. Trugold sales are decent and constant right now and using the CD’s seems like a good way to generate the moolah. W can use any spare Elementium stacks for prospecting and for stockpiling gems ahead of 4.3.

  • Levelling my second Jewelcrafter (B the Pally) so we have MOAR GEM OPTIONS.

  • Using less capital letters in all subsequent Blog posts. YOU WISH11!!!11!!!

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