WTB [Reset Button] for Unfortunate Loot Issues…

It appears that last night, while I was in bed, there was some Drama in Guild.

In six years I have experienced just about every variety of Drama there is going, including most notably being told by an ex-Guildie and his partner that I was suffering from a serious mental disorder and should be hospitalised because of my judgement. Needless to say, that slice of lunacy ended in tears. It shouldn’t have happened, and could have been avoided (with reflection) but with the people involved there was, thinking about it, a measure of inevitability that it did. Some people just attract conflict.

I think we all know someone like that. This post is not about me them.

In my experience of PuG-ing, both 5 Man and Raid (pre 10/25 lockouts), the mouthy ones are never the real issue. The biggest dramas inevitably result from the people you least expect. Whether it’s the lucky stiff who gets an item accidentally Master Looted to them and decides to make a run for it, the individual who chooses to roll on an item that is UTTERLY inappropriate for them but would be an upgrade and reward the ‘Epic’ achievement, or the up-to-that-point quiet and polite person who loses the roll on an item which he believes should be his/hers by right and then rages in Raid until they are summarily ejected, it’s the Purple Loot that drives people crazy only slightly more than blowing the Achievement you ALSO managed to ruin by going afk where you did. Weapons and Trinkets especially remain A Big Deal (especially in Firelands with so many BiS items being BoE drops) and having heard about the particular issue that caused my husband hassle last night I feel it is time to re-iterate something that should be far more common knowledge than it is. Blizzard won’t care if your loot is ninja-d, unless you have a set of loot rules that they can look up to prove you were.

It’s terribly simple: if you want to make sure you’re safe in a PuG, make the Leader state in Raid how any loot will be distributed BEFORE YOU START. Take a screenshot when they do for good measure (unless of course you’re in a Raid my husband is running, whose loot rules run to over 25 lines. He’ll expect you to link the item you’re upgrading before rolling or he’ll ignore you. In that case you may need several.) So, should your Raid Leader (or indeed anyone else) pull a fast one, when you ticket Blizzard to complain there is a very good chance you will get your item back if it were taken from you. If you don’t, it doesn’t matter how much QQ you waste in Trade or anywhere else, you’re out of luck. You are the author of your own destiny in these situations. If your Raid Leader refuses to do this, it’s time to leave, however good the group might look. If you stay and it all goes Pete Tong, you have only yourself to blame.

With a cross-server LFR Interface being mooted it’s becoming more and more essential that you take care before you join any PuG. For the grief it might save you, it’s hardly an effort.

Just remember to equip that BoE as soon as you get it. No-one likes a greedy git.

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