Back in the old days, even the Junk was worth summat…

Inspired by Nostalgia (TM), I would like this morning to lament the state of Daily Quest Rewards in the Secondary Professions.

Utterly disillusioned by Molten Front dailies (and I know I’m not alone in that regard) I have found myself returning to Northrend with an increasing frequency to not only re-run the Argent Tournament (Crusaders Seals = Alliance Pets = KER-CHING!) but to revisit the cookery and fishing quests. There is, in P’s case, no actual need to do these: I have all the relevant Achievements covered, I’m maxxed skill-wise. So, why bother?

It’s the Goodie Bags ^^

I suppose, after so long being a slave to the RNG, I’ve become accustomed to the random nature of rewards. The problem with the current rewards in the Alliance capitols is simple: they’re rubbish. The junk you can get from the Fishing Bags might have the occasional touch of flavour text but there’s no happy surprises to be had like the Porcelain Bell, for instance (or the New Age Painting, or any of the other items that had an above-average sale price) When the Bags made their first appearance in TBC it made the Daily an absolute joy, and part of me thinks I should go back and say ‘hi’ to Old Man Barlow in my daily runabout as well. Many of the items that dropped in his bags have a huge value even now to the L1 Banker Brigade, and the Fish Hooks (not BoP like the Glow Worms) are very useful for helping alts level their skills.

I’ve been fishing a long time. I maxxed my skill back in Vanilla. I am, in that regard a sad git well aware of the monetary value of rod and line (it helped purchase my first epic ground mount, back when flying was but a dream) and I wish that people could be encouraged to take up the profession with something more exciting than a 7th Place Fishing Trophy as incentive. Before someone mentions it I am aware that Blizzard stuck the Dalaran Fishing Rods back into the loot table, but I don’t think it’s much fun getting a sparkly reward and then discovering you need another x skill points to be able to use it. Rewards need to be more carefully considered and not hastily re-hashed from other places.

I think the entire Secondary Profession grind could so with a significant overhaul: getting Cookery Tokens at L10 is all very well but being totally unable to purchase anything with them that will help you raise your cookery skill seems utterly pointless: how hard would it be to allow people to buy a stack of meat/fish for an appropriate-low-level recipe for a token? How about some new ‘fun’ recipes for lower levels that don’t make you traipse all across both continents looking for a special ingredient? How about introducing a variant of the Chef’s Hat, for instance? The offhand Rolling Pin that is Cookie’s Tenderiser is just BEGGING to be used in some variety. If you want to recycle why not give Chef’s a portable stove (using the Goblin BBQ as a template) which could give a unique variant of the ‘Well Fed’ buff? You could give us special tabards that would return us to the Trainers…

It would make logical sense to do this overhaul in an Expansion, and as Archaeology Dailies have been mooted for some time now all three of the Professions could be attacked in one hit. A lot of this disparity is wrapped up in the progression nature of levelling through two continents, and I hope that if Blizzard’s plan is to rationalise the questing mechanics from 1-85 for consistency the same will eventually be true for recipes and quests related to them. In the meantime, I’ll be spending some time travelling and revisiting the old Dailies from all four continents, and seeing what surprises I can turn up in those daily reward packages. After all, it’s cheaper than buying Fortune Cards from the AH…

One thought on “Is That All There Is?

  1. I agree completely. I was amazed at launch of Cata that the rewards for the cooking and fishing dailies were much worse than the Wrath ones. I still pop back to Dalaran and do those from time to time, especially if I'm running low on Baby Spice. :-)

    Handy hint: not all of the Dalaran Fishing dailies have had their cash reward withdrawn, so on some of them it's possible to get 21g (12g-ish for handing it in and 9g-ish in the Bag O' Stuff)….


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