Your skeletal dragon is being held in a queue and is important to us…

This weekend was a lot about MOAR GUILD DRAMA DOES NOT WANT, hence two days away from posting so I could go rant somewhere quiet. It also became abundantly apparent that the current content Blizzard expects us to play pre 4.3 is not doing the job. I finally went to the Molten Front with K to pick up the Tailoring bag recipes and on Saturday (and a large part of Sunday) the place was deserted. However, when I popped up to do the Tournament Dailies on P and pick up enough Champion’s Seals to manage another pet I had to wait for a Chillmaw spawn, as shown above. Go figure.

I can see me concentrating on making money in the next few weeks, especially if I’m going to need to be buying Epic Gems via the AH for a vast fleet of alts /shakesfist at Blizzard. With Brewfest, Pilgrim’s Bounty and then (hopefully) a brand new Hallow’s End Festival to distract people I’m guessing they’ll be aiming for an early December release for 4.3. We’ve been promised more patch info this week, and it can’t come soon enough…

2 thoughts on “Not Soon Enough

  1. Sorry to hear you're having guild dramas. Hope the patch comes soon and brings lots of new distractions for you all.

    I'm relaxing doing the Oceanographer and Limnologist achievements. The first one you need to catch the Summer Bass very soon before it goes away until Spring.


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