Happy Pirates Day, YARRRRRR!

During the next seven days, I will be mostly…

  • Pretending not to camp Sethria’s Roost in the vain hope that Kelbnar will spawn so I NEVER HAVE TO GO THERE AGAIN. Except on my Maeg for a bit. *Cough*
  • Taming a Ravager so I can finally have a backup dps pet for Raids on P.
  • Doing Brewfest Stuff, because it’s likely to be trinket upgrades and that’s summat everyone who’s at the appropriate level in the Family can use. This may mean getting N the Priest to 84 as well to take advantage of LFG Goodness.
  • Farming glods using a variety of tried and tested methods and spots. My new one is the most satisfying at present because OMG SO MANY SPARKLIES.
  • Having one last crack at Firelands before they nerf it.
  • Hoping 4.3 doesn’t muck up all my best laid plans. WTB Datamining!!1!!!11

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