This Expansion has not been kind to me, Dear Reader. Back in the days of Wrath I’d fall over relevant loot without even trying. I’d win rolls with reckless abandon. In Wintergrasp especially, tier would just drop in my lap. Not so in Cataclysm: it has been a fallow season for anything Huntery. The Ranseur’s still not appearing in my personal loot table and I’m getting increasingly comforted that I dropped the cash to obtain one.

Last night, the Loot Gods finally gave me a break.

In related news, Firelands is nerfed, but that’s nothing compared to the fact that Shannox finally chucked me his hat. It’s a RIDICULOUS thing, so much so I am actually tempted to ‘Show Helm’ from time to time, Sadly, it completely does NOT GO with my current Murloc Green shoulders, which I sense aren’t going to be replaced until 4.3 rolls around. No matter, it’s a substantial upgrade. This can only be a good thing. After that, Beth the Spider of DOOM did the business and coughed up another item on my To Win List:

I don’t remember the last time I scooped two items that were substantive upgrades on the same run. It would have been three if we’d have managed to kill one more boss, because that would have thrown me over to Revered with the Avengers of Hyjal. Ironically however the Ancient Petrified Seed still doesn’t beat out the Key to the Endless Chamber as my secondary BiS trinket so I suspect I will be running the Stonecore a few times in the vain hope it might drop from the first boss… ^^ After this impressive haul I decided to drop the cash on the last remaining BoE I can guarantee as a drop from the AH: the Lava Bolt Crossbow. The increase in dps this has afforded me makes me think I’ve made the correct decision, and it just means I need to work a little bit harder to regain the cash I’ve spent so I’m ready for whatever I need to buy in the future. That’s hardly an inconvenience.

There’s no more I can do myself to upgrade gear, from this point on I’m in the lap of the Loot Gods until 4.3 appears. let’s hope they feel I’ve done enough penance to deserve another night like this in the future…

[*] Okay technically it was only two but that doesn’t make for as good a title now does it?

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