Last night I looted something that, for a long time, I thought didn’t even exist.

I have no idea how many times I must have run UBRS with P since it’s introduction, but I suspect it’s many many hundreds. In what must be over five years of farming, this pattern has never dropped in ANY group. I can only ever remember one other person even mentioning it, such is it’s rarity. With Cataclysm, the only consistent source of Red Dragonscale has vanished (the dragons outside the then-deserted Grim Batol) so to make one would be quite a feat to begin with, not that anyone would have any real use for it. Needless to say, it’s an antique, a hangover from Vanilla which I had pretty much accepted I would never see.

I didn’t think there was much left in this game that could surprise me. How wrong I was.

My Inner OCD Leatherworking Pattern Collector is very, VERY happy :D

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