I remember when you actually got loot from Brewfest Keg Bags…

  • Continuing to run Coren Direbrew because, at some point, I will get something other than the ‘There is No Loot’ dialogue. Even a duplicate mount would be a bonus.
  • Doing Argent Tournament Dailies as they are more interesting than the Firelands will ever be, still reward cash and reputation without me having to hand in marks, and earn me cash via Tournament pets. That’s three wins in one bullet point, folks. VALUE!
  • Farming in one hour bursts with The Potion of Win.
  • Hoping for a drama-free and progression-rich week in Firelands Lite.
  • Quite possibly running some Randoms to gear up the lower division alts. After all, once 4.3 appears they’ll be a whole new level of gear to pointlessly aspire to ^^
  • Waiting for 4.3 to appear on the PTR. 24 hours and counting… (crosses fingers)

One thought on “This Week, I will be Mostly…

  1. I got something! I got Direbrew's Bloodied Shanker which is no good for priests (curse me, I'm sorry – I guess hunters might like it). I can't even see me fitting it in to RP because the thought of smashed bottles and fighting makes my skin crawl. Fingers crossed for more droppage soon….


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