There’s no copy queue up for PTR Characters in the EU currently so I’m forced to use my pre-Firelands character (renamed Sharrow for the occasion) to have an initial Casual Faff (TM) I do have a version of myself potentially incoming…

The first surprise on logging in was the 2011 Blizzcon Pet in my inbox :D

If you’re havering over getting the Blizzcon Virtual Ticket this year I’d suggest this is probably the best reward that’s been offered thus far. He looks fabulous close up and is going to be a popular addition to the pet ‘family’, though I think he needs to clean his teeth a bit more:

He’s BEHIND YOU!11!!! *cough*

Anyway, vanity aside of the moment. There are only two questions in Stormwind as I type: where do I find the Mogging Guy/Void Storage Guy and where’s the Darkmoon Faire? I’ll shuffle over to the Caverns of Time later for a look at the new instances but for now let’s address the former of those questions. Let me show you the map:

You Are Here. Remember this, will save a lot of hassle when 4.3 happens.

As I’m not on my current version of the hunter there’s no Mogging gear to try out, but the interface is pretty. What I’m more concerned about is the Void Storage, which is remarkably simple to fathom, just expensive to operate:

Opening the storage costs 1000g. This appears to be a standard amount regardless of what level you are currently, my just-created L1 test character needs 1000g to access it too. I think we may have found Blizzard’s latest gold sink. A pair of soulbound boots I had in my bag cost 100g to deposit, and 100g an item appears to be the standard rate thus far (it has been stated that this may change before release) I found a number of restrictions to what you could store:

  • Stackable items are not storable
  • Only soulbound items are storable (so you’ll have to equip them)
  • Unique items cannot be stored :( This means my Eye of Haramad isn’t going in, or my Tol Barad Searchlight if I get bored with it. Unique-equipped items can be though.
  • Items must be repaired before being placed into storage. Hope you can afford that!

There’s also been a sensibly-timed update to the  Reforging interface which is now far less cluttered and easier to understand:

There are no more drop down menus, red is used to show what stat has been reduced and green that a stat has been added. When you reforge, the process is similarly colour coded:

Although the old reforger still exists in Stormwind he’s not going to be there for very much longer. I hope the Etherials gave him a decent severance package. Bet he’s off to that pleasure resort in Ferelas for a long holiday…

Where he won’t be going just yet is Darkmoon Island.

Now I’m not a programmer but I reckon [BROKEN UNTIL MAP/CHUNKS EXISTS] is telling us that the new zone isn’t in game right now. I’m betting it will either a) appear majestically from the Mists of Time when the Faire is scheduled to appear or b) it’s coming up on the next PTR push. Interestingly there are no Darkmoon Faire’s currently listed on the ingame PTR calender.

Needless to say, there’s still plenty to look at and faff with despite the fact I’m a tier behind. Let’s hope I can get a character copied over because there is at least the beginnings of a Looking for Raid interface to try … ^^

There WILL be rewards, we’re just not saying what they’ll be…

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