Clearly, this is an Island. Except it’s not ^^

I am rather surprised to find the above image is part of the ‘Loading Screen’ sector on the MMO infodump. This can mean only one thing: Darkmoon Island works like an Instance. This is how Blizzard dealt with the Molten Front, after all: rather than bolting on a bit to the existing Azerothian map they just made it appear ‘somewhere else.’ Pretend you’re on the Plane of Fire guys, this means we don’t have to worry about terraforming or anything complicated. This comes as something of a disappointment however, as I’d hoped you’d be able to ‘visit’ the island when the Faire wasn’t active. No sneaking around trying to find discarded tickets in the hope you can get enough together for a prize… talking of which, I wonder if the existing tickets I have in the bank will be worth anything when the new event goes live…?

There are thirteen Achievements currently on the PTR that are Darkmoon-related: the most interesting on first look is Faire Favors, because I suspect it’s going to push a fair few people into secondary professions who may not previously have done so. It’s also becoming clearer what we’ll need to do in order to pick up Darkmoon Artifacts, and as at least three of these are found in Battlegrounds you PvP haters will need to suck it up take a chance that you’ll get lucky. What is not yet immediately obvious are the rewards for scooping all this booty, but we can make a fairly decent stab at the Vanity side of things:

These seem like fairly safe bets as ticket rewards and will keep the pet collectors going for quite some time. There’s also a Darkmoon Dancing Bear which I have to say looks like it’s not completed yet or at best needs some work. What is apparent however is that this isn’t going to be a quick finish. With only a seven day window per month to actually visit the Faire I’m betting this grind could make the Molten Front dailies look like a picnic. What we need to verify now is just how all of this is going to work, and it’s clear that although the rewards may be covered (betting these will just be recolours of existing skins), the way to get them is still being worked at.

Needless to say, as soon as the Faire appears on the PTR you’ll hear about it from here because if there’s one thing I’m a sucker for, it’s a grind for a cute companion…

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