Let me tell you the tale of the PuG who kicked me

After I did my Coren Direbrew on Thursday, I decided I should go fish some new mats for some Manifique Feasts, in anticipation of Firelands Raiding. Whilst I was sitting in Uldum waiting for Lavascale Catfish to bite, it occurred to me that I should do something about the one item of gear that had eluded me for many, many months: the Key to the Endless Chamber. It’s proc makes it by far the best trinket in game currently, beyond anything that’s currently available until we kill Ragnaros. No really, it does.

Mr Robot knows what he’s talking about, and even he is prioritising this above the Matrix Restabilizer and the Ancient Petrified Seed. However, it’s not Epic, is it, so no-one’s ever going to believe that it’s an upgrade, especially not a bunch of randoms who don’t know me from Eve. So when I Need roll on it when it drops from the first boss in the Stonecore Heroic I’ve specifically joined whilst fishing, they assume I’m ninja-ing loot. I’m also in trouble because I’m skinning mobs with my loot on them and the Party Leader needs the leather to make their 378 Epic healing gloves. By the time we get to Slabhide I’ve been warned, need any more loot or skin anything else and we’re kicking you.

I wait to see if either of the two other skinners is going to go for the dead boss. I politely ask if either wants to, and then it occurs to me that it’s unlikely they’re carrying two Zulian Slicers and a pair of gloves with a Gathering enchant on them giving them the required skill to even do so. When I win the loot from the boss on a Greed roll I realise I’m probably on borrowed time.

I did at least get to skin the boss before they removed me.

The moral of this story? No-one’s ever going to believe you want a Rare over an Epic if they’re obsessed with gathering over actual content. In the end, if you know your character, that’s all that really matters, because your actions will eventually demonstrate you understand what everything you wear can do.

Oh, and if you want to skin in instances, come prepared ^^

One thought on “Purple is Not the Only Loot.

  1. Unfortunately, people see someone in epics Needing on a blue, and the automatic assumption is that they're ninja-ing loot. I'd probably assume the same if I saw that happen in a PuG, if I'm being honest, though I like to think I'd ask first and make accusations later (and even then, only if I knew the class and its stats well enough to know what I'm talking about).

    As for the skinning, that's just petty on their part. If the other person needed the leather that much, he/she should have said so at the start.

    The other moral: randoms are indeed random…


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