This is a picture of a Gnome and some sheep. No, I don’t know either…

  • Being slightly behind due to a cracking couple of days doing College gubbins. I have a five hour seminar coming up on Saturday. I should probably organise taking some lunch with me :D
  • Making a conscious decision to those toons who are not yet suitably geared for Trolls to a level where they are. After that, gearing everyone so they meet the iLevel 363 that’s probably going to be required for the 4.3 Instance Trio.
  • Grinding more gold, because you can never have enough. Who knows, maybe one day Blizzard will allow me to convert it back to Real World cash. More thoughts on how the Diablo 3 plan might affect the Game later in the week…
  • Resisting the temptation to make a second Druid just for the hell of it. I have an urge to level another toon without the use of Heirlooms, just to see how it all works, and having been inspired by a fellow Guildie who appears to be doing most of his XP gain via gathering, I’m wondering how I would do in that regard…
  • Finishing some of the Old Worlde quests on P, and (hopefully) finally getting to see Ragnaros in his new pad before the week is out… I hear he was down to the mid 60’s last night with the progression group. You never know…

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