I’ve not seen this reported anywhere else of yet, so who knows, we may be in the realms of pretty fresh news: say hello to Farrah Facet. She’s the new Jewelcrafting Vendor in Stormwind (who looks remarkably like Isabel Jones, it must be said) and she’s got some stuff you might be interested in if you like cutting gems:

Also please note the Purchase window shows how many Jewelcrafting Tokens you have to spend,
I think that’s a new feature…

Yup, that’s FIVE Jewelcrafting tokens for every recipe you’re gonna want to buy come 4.3, so if you’ve not been doing those dailies it’s hight time you extracted the digit and got started. However, quite interestingly she also sells the Tome of Burning Jewels for 4 tokens which will allow you to discover a random recipe…

You takes your tokens and makes your choice!

I’ll be off now working out how many patterns I can buy come the Patch…

[EDIT: I was right, this was news, and WoW Insider’s thanking me for the tip-off. There’s something that doesn’t happen every day \o/]

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