It’s a Dwarven female in a Dwarven female mask. Oh, the subtlety!

… to realise that Hallow’s End starts today and it’s all change. Gone are the Trick or Treat dialogues with Innkepers, the Southshore quests and the need to rely on the RNG to get things done. This holiday’s currency is the Tricky Treat, and with them you can but everything. Yes, EVERYTHING: wands, masks, Squashlings, Hallowed Helms, all can now be purchased if you do enough dailies. For those of us obsessed by vanity pets there’s two new ones to collect: one via quest, the other via Treats. Needless to say, with the exception of W’s Daily JC-ing and B the Pally’s JC levelling (more of which later) this is what will be taking up my time for the next week, until such time as P has both of the new pets and enough treats to buy the remaining masks she requires to finish all the Achievements for this Holiday.

Needless to say, the new quest associated with the Holiday is well done, isn’t a simple ‘collect X and go to Y’ affair and presents you at it’s conclusion with an interesting dilemma:

It’s a choice. Yes, YOU HAVE TO DECIDE. Needless to say both options will end up with you getting the pet but still, this is a bit of a new development for Blizzard. Normally everything is laid out for the player and there are no ‘difficult’ decisions to be made. I did find myself stopping and thinking about consequences when I got this, I wonder if anyone else will consider this as significant. More satisfyingly I discovered a Pub in Stormwind I had no idea existed before (the Shady Lady) where the NPC Proprietor sells a couple of absolutely smashing bankalt offhands. Anything in this game that I discover after so long makes me smile, and reminds me just how much depth this game provides to it’s player base.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to revisit every candy bucket in Azeroth and Outland in an attempt to get enough Tricky Treats for my new pet…

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