One of the ‘bonus’ buckets at Bogpaddle. You get the alliteration for free :D

It appears that, if you’re looking to do the Hallow’s End achievements for the first time this season, you may be missing some extra helpful information. I’m doubting it’s deliberate, in fact I’d speculate it’s as a result of the phasing Blizzard has used to make certain areas of Azeroth accessible in a certain order. Needless to say, it appears a significant number of Candy Bucket locations are missing from the Achievement list. If we look at ‘Tricks and Treats of the Eastern Kingdoms’ to begin with:

The Rogue’s doing this achievement as I type…

That’s twelve locations, but when I looked at the list I realised that a lot of Eastern Kingdom areas were missing, where I was pretty sure I’d seen Candy Buckets in the past. As my Rogue hadn’t done any of the Bucket gathering I decided I’d make the effort to fly across the entire continent and search everywhere (potentially) with a flight point/pub which are normally the preferred locations for buckets [*]. On my first pass I discovered additional buckets in the following places:

  • Chillwind Camp, Eastern Plaguelands
  • Bogpaddle (see above), Swamp of Sorrows
  • The Harborage, Swamp of Sorrows
  • Fort Livingstone, Northern Stranglethorn
  • Sundown Marsh, Menethil
  • Greenwarden’s Grove, Menethil
  • Farstrider Lodge, Loch Moden
  • Fuselight, Badlands
  • Dragon’s Mouth, Badlands
  • Iron Summit, Searing Gorge

With all of the items you now need to complete Hallow’s End dropping from the Handful of Treats, plus the Tricky Treats being used as currency to buy any additional items you might need, getting every Bucket is a priority, potentially saving you the effort of having to purchase items that can drop randomly. Plus, at L85, the gold is not unreasonable. I made 240g on my collection round, picked up  three of the four sweets I need for Hallow’s End Treats for Jesper, plus completed an Arathi Basin and snagged G.N.E.R.D Rage to boot. All the Eastern Kingdom buckets yieldes 64 Tricky Treats, though bear in mind you may get more or less than that number. Remember, with no Trick or Treat dialogue available from Innkeepers this year there will be no hourly pickup of items, and these Buckets are a one-use deal per year. Collect your treats wisely!

[EDIT: It appears this isn’t intended. Referring to Allison Robert’s Hallows End Guide there is a different list of locations on the PTR for Eastern Kingdoms (which means I’ve missed a couple as well ^^ ) which then corresponds with a far larger list of locations if you’re a Hordie. Let’s see if this is hotfixed before the Holiday is complete.]

[*] I know that there’s at least one Bucket located by neither of those things in the Cataclysm achievement, but it’s a decent rule of thumb to locate them.

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