Let’s ask the Tentacle of C’Thun what it thinks of all this…

Yesterday was my birthday. I spent a great day faffing around in game, pottering and doing the same old random stuff I’ve done for some time. I finally got C’Thun to give up his mate above for my Firelands Bosskill Screenshotting Pleasure. I deliberately tried not to think about THAT Expansion.

Something about the entire Panda ‘thing’ is bothering me, and has been since Friday. I’m not even sure at this point I can put my finger on what the problem is. I am pretty sure I will be playing someone from scratch come it’s arrival, but I’d have to say it’s far more likely at this point to be a Female Dwarf (^^) as a Healer Monk. Part of this could well be tied in with the fact that YET AGAIN Blizzard have launched a new race for the Alliance with no female forms. I still feel that female Worgen were a missed opportunity and could have looked so much better than they do.

If I have to be honest, it was the sheer amount of information that was thrown at us over the weekend that has knocked me sideways. I’m pretty certain I’ve still not grasped a lot of it. However I’m not a fan of the new Talent System as it ‘looks’ right now: I prefered having more choices. It seems that we’re losing stuff yet again to appease those who just want to top meters and paste their specs from someone else’s website. I am yet to be convinced on the Pandas. I’m also wondering whether I actually have enough hours in the day to do all this extra stuff that I’m being promised will be given me if I’m not raiding. Of course, the trick now is to sit back and let the dust settle and to see what actually survives the transition to the Beta. Oh yeah, I’LL BE IN THE BETA this time.

You would have thought, having been given the chance to actually take part in the testing process that I’d already be bouncing off the walls in anticipation, but my response has surprised me. I am oddly ambivalent right now, which of course could well be because of my Birthday, or it could be because it’s Half Term and the kids are here… it might be because I shouldn’t even be typing this right now and I SHOULD be doing my College Assessment instead. Whatever it is I still remain oddly detached from everything that happened over the weekend. I’d like now (I think) to see some PTR action, to have the Darkmoon Faire stuff available to test. I’d like to see more about these rumours about Theramore being flattened by the Horde. My concerns are very much in the here and now, and when the Beta finally arrives I will be able to see for myself exactly what we have to look forward to in a concrete form. Then I think I can finally pass my judgement. I suspect the Beta will be ready just after I come up with 170 different names for every Vanity Pet I currently own… ^^ That should be plenty of time :D

Until the Pandas show up, I think it’s time to concentrate on the here and now.

One thought on “The Dust Settles…

  1. The new talents feel like more choice to me. Before you had two outcomes. Use cookie cutters you downloaded from someone elses website or be WRONG. Now you can't make the wrong choice, but you have 3 options for how to get their. The current model is a Hobson's choice, the new model Morton's Fork. In a MMO Mortan's fork is better because it takes away the chance to fail but provides meaningfl choice for the route taken.


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