Oh no, it’s Keepers of Time rep next… ^^

  • This week, I will be mostly playing on the Warlock. This has begin in earnest (see above) and is likely to involve knocking off some more rep, the odd mount and the occasional ridiculous Achievement. I am also seriously cosidering maxxing her Archaeology in the vain hope that I might get the Vial of the Sands recipe to drop. Let’s see how insane I get.
  • The Hunter will, I hope, be finishing all current Raid Content this week. *crosses fingers*
  • I will be continuing to fail to get anything useful from the Headless Horseman apart from duplicate items and 27 Justice Points. That mount’s not going to drop. Trust me :(
  • There will be more cash generation. MUCH more cash generation. Remind me to tell you about my adventures in pet creation…

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