What do you mean WE DIDN’T BRING A ROGUE!!!1!!1!!1!

I am shattered.

Last night was really, REALLY hard work. The Ragnaros Kill was going to be the celebrated ‘Last Pull of the Night’ except I failed in my job of dispatching the Sons in the P1/P2 transition so we decided we’d have one more try. Frankly, I sucked. However, when it mattered, I pulled my arse out of the fire and we got the job done. I feel like I’ve run a marathon as a result.

I also can’t help but think that Blizzard should have made it so we’d still be wiping on Majordomo.

If I read GuildOx correctly, we should now be rated in the Top 50 Guilds on our Server (48th, with a Realm 23rd on Ragnar-O’s) This is the best showing we’ve ever had on content, at no point in the Guild’s history have we ever been this ‘advanced’ on progression bosses. If Blizzard’s long-term aim is to get more people into raiding then I suppose we’re living proof of it’s success, and it’s a testament to the people who went last night, and who have wiped for the last couple of weeks on this sucker so we could get a strategy formed that everyone was happy with. It’s also clear (looking at the meters) that in the end we had more than enough of the raw materials to make the whole thing happen, it was simply a case of grasping what to kill and when not to stand in &%!$. Let’s face it, this fight is not for anyone with lag issues.

The fact that Blizzard is prepared to nerf it’s content to allow more people to attempt it has been the subject of a lot of discussion in the Blogsphere. Without that change we would, I suspect, still be ‘outside’ working our way towards the end boss. I don’t think that would have been a loss, but what it would have meant is that we would be lesser geared to start again once 4.3 hit. Reducing the difficulty curve will mean that over time more people are ‘prepared’ to a standard which will allow us to walk into the Dragon Soul raid with people who can at least do the basic numbers required to survive it. I can’t help but think though that with more testing in the PTR phases and some subtlety the ‘nerf’ could have been introduced far more gradually and wouldn’t have made it look as if it was needed. I think Blizzard could do well to learn the lesson that it’s as much about the manner which you change things as the change itself.

Having said all this of course, I don’t want to take anything away from the team that carried my sorry arse pulled this off last night, so Congratulations to everyone who took part, and may this be the first of many kills.

I know I have considerable room for improvement.

One thought on “Too Soon?

  1. Congrats on the downing. That is a great achievement pre or post nerf. Just doing it is the fun of the game.

    For as much as you are proof that is can be done mine is proof that is can not. lol

    While we are still ranked top 50 on our server (bad server) we are not half as good as we used to be. We where up to as high as 4th a few times since BC days, this expansion we have never been higher then 23rd.

    Different crew basically. Our core lost 7 of the 10 people that where part of the main crew through BC and wrath.

    Two do PvP only now two left for rift never to return and the others are all part timers at best now.

    Cataclysm destroyed us. And people wonder why I hate it. lol


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