There’s a lot of things changing post-Blizzcon, and very few of these have anything at all to do with Pandas.

The new Guild Services announcement popped up just before the weekend’s festivities I believe, and has gone live on US servers yesterday post-maintenance: Guilds can not only be faction-changed intact, they can be moved across servers and renamed. This is not yet implemented in Europe but once it is I am giving serious consideration to shifting both my Horde Druid and her bank across to the Alliance Side. I did enjoy my levelling experience with her during Cataclysm but if I’m honest I’m always going to be an Alliance girl at heart. Needless to say, watch this space.

Secondly, it appears that Taiwan and Korea will soon enjoy twice-weekly resets 4.0 and 4.2 raid content. Progress will be reset every week for the first time on Thursday morning at 09:00, and then at 09:00 on Sunday. It seems fair to assume that this is because Blizzard feel that not enough people have cleared the Firelands content: giving a second reset is a fairly radical move.  If translated to European Maintenance this would give a reset on Wednesday and Saturday, which would mean as a Guild we’d need to quite seriously rearrange our schedule but I think we’d cope. Two Firelands raids a week, eh? Not just them but more Blackwing Descent, Throne and that other one…

The biggest news for me however is HAT related. Yes, it’s THAT HAT. You know, the one you get in Gilneas…? It’s been updated and no longer requires the lower level mats it once did and (sadly) seems not to require any Polished Bronze Rivets. Arsecakes. I know I’m not the only one who’s been pickpocketing guys for these kiddies as well :/ Oh well, this does at least mean that I can make them for the bankalts, and let’s face it who wouldn’t want a L1 Bank Gnome in a Top Hat?

There also appears to be a new push on the PTR so if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to see if I can pick up anything the dataminers missed…

One thought on “Too. Much. Information!

  1. “It seems fair to assume that this is because Blizzard feel that not enough people have cleared the Firelands content”

    Hmm, not how I read that. All that reducing the lockout time does is allow the hardcore raiders to farm it more often (quest items for legendaries, and so forth).

    If people aren't making enough progress, you don't reduce the reset time to give them more chances to go back to the first boss; you extend the raid ID to allow more attempts at a boss beyond the reset.


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