WTB Gnome Hunters, PST. They’re so SMALL!

  • Organising my two current accounts. By this I mean a) deleting alts I know that I’m not going to play any more and b) stripping out loots on the bankalts for sale. Am crossing fingers that Guild Transfers will be available in Europe next week so I can change my Horde Druid to Alliance.
  • Changing the sex of my Paladin, and getting her ready to level to 85. After that it will be the #2 Hunter and then the Gnome Priest. Then I suspect it will be the #2 Druid (assuming that we have guild transfers ^^)
  • Hoping that the Darkmoon Faire appears on the PTR. ./crosses fingers
  • Attempting to write a novel in 30 days. I may, infact, be insane. We will see.

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