Last Year’s Model. This year, at least 100% more UNOBTAINABLE.

I can remember this time last year lamenting the fact that P had failed to get the Horseman’s Reins from Hallows End when pretty much all the rest of my alts had. In fact, I distinctly recall at the time making a comment about rarity value. This year, they sorted that issue ^^

I’ve seen two people in Guild get the mount this time around. I ran the Horseman Daily with every eligible alt and not one dropped. Nada. Zip. Of course, it could just be that I was spectacularly lucky last year with the drop rates. That fact did occur to me, but that would mean that there would be more people riding around on said mount, but I saw people complaining in Trade almost daily. Not the same people, I should add…

I then had the rather odd situation of my L80 Pally in Stormwind (on said mount) being whispered by someone asking me how it was possible I had said mount if I was only L80, when you needed to be L84 to enter the instance. The conversation went roughly as follows:

ME: I won this mount last year.
HIM: Last year?
ME: Yes, when it was Hallows End last year. I won it then.
HIM: Why aren’t you L85 now?
ME: Because this is an alt and I levelled other characters first.
HIM: Pallys rock, you should level.

I’d already planned to do just that with said Pally this week. If random people in Trade are suggesting the same, who am I not to go along with the suggestion?

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