Oh look. It’s another Ingame Pet ^^

With the minimum amount of fuss, the Guardian Cub has popped up on the Blizzard Store.

I’ve bought one, for P, who is designated the ‘pet collector.’ As I purchased it this morning I dimly registered the fact that somehow the whole Vanity pet collecting thing has lost a little of it’s lustre, at least for me. Yes, I’m sure it’s impossibly cute and all, but it marks an important change in the way Blizzard fleeces me for cash uses my money. I am still not entirely convinced this move is a good thing.

I know I certainly wouldn’t buy any to sell on the AH or give as a gift. If I did that, I’d send a pet that could be used across all the recipient’s alts and not just the one character. that, in my opinion, would be a far better use of my cash.

Needless to say, I won’t be buying any more. In that respect, Blizzard will not capitalise from this pet via my actions. Sorry boys.

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