Yes, it’s a Monkey wearing a Fez!

I’m rather pleased to say I called this a while back: the Darkmoon Faire has materialised on the PTR and I doubt anyone is going to be disappointed with what Blizzard has conjured up as the new monthly quest hub. I can tell you one thing: on my server it’s going to be HEAVING, there will be lag and I will be unable to play half the games without getting totally frustrated. Yes, it’s Jousting all over again… ^^

Find a Darkmoon Banner in a Capitol and away you go…

I noticed the posters on the wall of Stormwind almost immediately, and a cursory look around near the AH in the Dwarven District found me a way to reach the Darkmoon Portal, which has appeared in the spot in Elwynn where the Faire currently resides (good thinking there Blizzard) 30 silver and I am transported to the site, to be met with torch-tossing carnies and the chance to grab a Darkmoon Adventurer’s Guide. This, whilst it sits in your inventory, should allow you to collect items whilst you’re in either an instance, a raid or a battleground, and I’ll be trying to test it out during the week. This means I’ll actually have to talent the Hunter, I suppose…

The Faire, seen as you approach from the Island.

Using the portal in Elwynn transports you to the Island proper, where you run a long path up to the Faire: I think this is done deliberately as it helps set up an idea of the sheer scale of what is here. The Faire site itself is HUGE: covered with flavour NPC’s and all the elements you’d expect to see in an event of this magnitude. Most of the pavilions however are off limits and I’d expect in these you will find the armour sets and other Mogging items we have been promised for 4.3. I know that the major sites will already be feverishly taking screenies and doing their own writeups, so let me just say that I can see this place being a hugely popular diversion from the normal run of dailies and instancing/raiding for just about anyone. The fact you’ll only be able to do it for a week is frankly a master stroke, with the chance of early boredom and burnout being removed by the fact you won’t get a chance to do too much too soon.

The animal pens. That’s me in the foreground with a Darkmoon Balloon!

I’m going to explore the Faire in more detail this week when it’s quieter, but I can tell you the following right now:

  • There’s a new interface for the games. There’s a shooting one and there are tonks, and both are on a pretty stiff timer. As I said, I KNOW I’m going to get frustrated, but for an initial look it appears you won’t fail if you don’t get all the required hits in the time available.
  • The Profession Dailies look interesting. I have only picked up the Archaeology one thus far but I’ll be off  when I’m done here to find the Skinning/Leatherworking ones. I am assuming all I need I can find on the Island…
  • Fishing Daily rewarded me with 5 skill points, a Darkmoon Game Token and 3 Darkmoon Tickets. Darkmoon Tickets now appear in the Miscellaneous Currency Window. It is not yet certain whether existing tickets will be converted or not: I wish I had a character I could test this on, because if this is the case, at least two of my alts are quids in for prizes…
  • You can make your own prizes!
This I GOTTA try…

There really is to much to go into on a first cursory glance, but needless to say you’ll be coming back here again and again. I haven’t even told you about the Deathmatch Pavillion yet… ^^

The view from outside, shortly before I was transported inside an beaten to a pulp… ^^

Oh, and before I go:

If there were any doubt whether I’ll be there when this goes live… ^^

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