Whack a Gnoll: better than I thought it would be!

Things have calmed down sufficiently on Darkmoon Island for me to be able to do a bit more digging on the ins and outs of the new Dailies. As a result, the following primary observations are presented for your reading pleasure:

  • Make sure you mouse-over the arrows pointing you towards the Faire as you ride in. It is attention to detail like this that still makes me love this game.
  • Whack a Gnoll, which was not working yesterday, is working today. It’s as good as hitting pygmies in Uldum, and I KNOW how much you still enjoy that daily ^^
  • Someone’s gonna need to tell me how to do the Cannon Aiming Thing or I’m going to be here for DAYS…
  • I was premature in my thought that these games will be a bit hard. It appears on both the Whack a Gnoll and the Shooting Gallery you are not restricted by the timer, you can take as many goes as you need to get your totals.

From what I am reading elsewhere, this will mean that if you do all the gaming dailies available to you, you have a chance to grab 175 tickets in a weekly window. If you add the monthly quests to that there will be a chance to purchase either one mount or two pets if you’re that way inclined, a selection of ‘flavour’ items if you’re not, or Heirlooms. Yes, I said Heirlooms.

A very useful way to spend your tickets if you don’t do pets and mounts…

This is a smart move: a week’s work will equate to a potful of cash and the opportunity not to waste Valor or Honor in 4.3 but to use tickets instead. However I suspect many people will make their first port of call the waters around the Faire, as reports have been confirmed of a new fishable vanity pet from the coast. There are also wreckage schools around the island which are well worth searching out:

Typical crate contents from a fished school.

It’s not huge amounts of money, but 11 cloth on my server’s still worth a few gold. I’d suggest if you’re going to fish for the Sea Horse you find a spot near a spawn point and do your work there, as the fish you’ll be pulling out here are low level and have very little value. The wreckage will at least add some extra value to your grind time.

I can confirm that the Darkmoon Adventurer’s Guide does work like the Charm Kit during Love is in the Air: every kill at your appropriate level awards you with an item. As the monthly quest Test Your Strength requires you to collect 250 of these buggers, and assuming they will drop from every kill, you might want to start thinking about picking a grinding spot in advance to farm them. I’d also STRONGLY SUGGEST getting some Potion of Treasure Finding made for your 85’s, and picking spots where you can farm not simply your Grisly Trophy but other useful stuff as well.

[EDIT: Am hearing on the PTR that existing Darkmoon Faire tickets are now vendor trash. Boo!]

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