I REALLY must try winning a Fishing Contest at some point… ^^

  • I’m trying to write the ‘What’s Wrong with Crafting’ post. I have a fair bit on this week however in the ‘Other Writing Projects’ inbox so this may end up having to wait a bit. Needless to say, I’m working on it in my mind…

  • With the announcement that the Seasonal Pets are coming off BoP, am considering what other pets may get the same treatment. It may become profitable, for instance, to farm other quest rewards on alts and then put the soulbound results somewhere safe, ‘just in case…’
  • Talking of pets, Chicken Farming will continue this week. This is likely to coincide with ‘mats for Engi Pets’ farming, rare pet farming (if combined with both of the previous options) and rumination generally on how much of a hulking cash cow Vanity Pets have the potential to become…
  • Would like to kill Raggy again this week. Am wondering if nine other people are likely to turn up and make this happen: looking at our sign ups for the week, I think everyone’s taken time off ^^
  • Hoping we get Guild Transfer Services this week in the Glorious Cash-Strapped EU. Maybe if the Greeks could sell in game gold for Euros we might have the basis of a viable bailout policy… They’d all have to get accounts first though. Hmmmmm.

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