Remember last year? The Twilights SAID the End was coming…

It’s that time again: the quarterly Activision Blizzard investor call announced last night that Warcraft has ONLY 10.3 million players. Yes, ONLY 10.3 MILLION PEOPLE. As we strap on our tin hats and prepare for the inevitable run of blog posts dissecting this earth-shattering admission (*cough*), I’ll be pointing out the following to the inevitable naysayers in Trade:

  • The Emergency Exits are located . In the event of the Game landing on water, your Inflatable Gnome is under your seat.
  • You were leaving anyway. Don’t use this announcement as either justification or motivation, you’d made the choice to cancel your sub well before this happened.
  • If you’re going to go, don’t spend the next X months on forums moaning about how you feel so much better that you left, because if that were really the case YOU’D NOT BE WHINING ABOUT IT. Let it go already.
  • That Star Wars game launches before Christmas. Modern Warfare 3 launched yesterday. There’s no way you’ll get the latter done before the former launches unless something gives…
  • Don’t tell everyone you’re leaving via a hugely charged and emotional post on your Guild’s forums, because we both know you’re still paying that monthly sub. If someone gives you a chance to kill Deathwing as the only player of your class in the group, you’ll be back. Failing that, you’ll three man it once Mists comes out… ^^
  • Most of those subs were lost in China, you know. /looks at Pandas. Hmmm…
  • Did you know that Warcraft is about to launch a Portuguese language client? Wherever Elune closes a window, she Seaforium-blasts open a locked door…
  • Dude, we’re IN A RECESSION! No, really, we are. If they lost this many subs in a period of Global Growth, there’d be people out there with signs strapped to their backs, and they might have a point.
  • When 4.3 hits, log in your Free to Play account and check how many people on your server have a Tyrael’s Charger. I’m betting they’ll outnumber the Sparkly/Fluffy Blizzard Store Mounts by some way. That’s the number of people who’ve committed to a year’s subscription fee. GUARANTEED Bums on seats = WIN.
  • Can I have your gold when you leave?

4 thoughts on “10 Things to Yell at the Naysayers…

  1. I am one of those few who was considering leaving for a while. I just didn't because for as much as I was not enjoying the game right now I still did like it overall and I know if I were to quit I would never come back. I am not one of those people that can unsub and resub at will. I either play or I don't. There is no in between for me.

    I am happy to see the losses. I think they are a good thing for the game. Nothing can change the way the game is made by people complaining on the forums but when they start losing money they will make changes.

    For that, I hope they keep losing more and more and more as long as Cataclysm is active. The more they lose the better the game will be for all of us. The more they lose the less likely they will ever be to make the same mistakes again.

    Losing customers is not something everyone should be all “doom and gloom” about. They should all be celebrating the losses. The losses are good news for us, the players.

    Some might take the news as bad news, I take it as great news.


  2. *puts on business hat*

    Was just thinking, from a business perspective, this is quite desastrous. If the company spends money with a certain amount of subscriptions in mind and the amount gets below a preset mark, things could get ugly.

    If there is not enough money expenses will have to be cut. In a company like Blizzard, where salaries will probably be the biggest money outlet, that will be in employees. So less employees will be developing new content, serving customers and so on.

    While it could be a good thing for the community untill a certain point you should be aware of the risks these kind of losses will bring eventually.

    I am sure Blizzard has her plans for this kind of scenario's, but still.

    *puts off business hat*

    I am really loving the Panda thing and they might get a renewed subscription out of it… so all will be good! :-)


  3. 800k subs left.. Okey let's do the math..

    How much does one month cost? $12? Let's assume it is $12 (probably more)

    11,1 M subs * $12 = $133 200 000

    10,3 M subs * $12 = $123 600 000

    So even if 800k subs were cancelled, Blizzard's income from subs only is £123 600 000!!!

    Multiply that with 12 and you get $1 483 200 000.

    Pls Blizz.. can I have 1% of that money??

    From an economical view, I think WoW will be here for a while :P

    And this:

    The Emergency Exits are located < -------- and -------->. In the event of the Game landing on water, your Inflatable Gnome is under your seat.

    made me giggle like a little school girl ^^


  4. The money they make on subs isn't pure profit. You can safely assume that a lot of that income goes out at the same speed to employee and hardware costs.

    So, yes it's a lot of money, and no they don't put all of it in their pockets. They're no goblins! :P


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