Any pictorial representation of my life in Azeroth really has to begin in Stormwind. It’s the place where all of my toons ‘live’, as a result of the Portal Culture that was introduced in Wrath: the place you want to be is the place where it’s easiest to get to everywhere else fast. Doing the mundane on a daily basis makes you forget just how beautiful the place is, and as a result I’ve picked some of my favourite views of the city. This will be my second crack at this, let’s hope the HTML is sorted this time: clicking on the picture below should bring you up a larger version for greater viewing enjoyment…

The Wollerton Stead. Pumpkin Pancake daily ftw!

Stormwind Keep and Cathedral. And some water.

Stormwind Harbour. Look alive people!

The Mage Quarter from the air… on a carpet, perhaps?

Thank you, you are now leaving Stormwind…

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