Ready for action, inside SI:7 and awaiting instructions…

It’s been a while since I did a Mogging Post, but considering the popularity of the Hunter’s outfit, I thought it might been a good idea to get working on the rest of the alts. I’m constructing ensembles on both my druids as I type this: my 85 Night Elf will take some actually crafting of items to complete her look. This outfit above however is again collected simply from Auction House purchases, and was done to a fairly specific brief: this is how I imagine my lead character would look in the NaNoWriMo novel I’m currently writing. She is a female assassin, and I found myself thinking if I really did want to slip into the shadows I wouldn’t be wearing half of the gear that currently passes as Rogue standard.

A rear view of the outfit, highlighting the red accents.

There are a load of fabulous low-level green armour sets, sadly with the speed at which people level these days (on my server at least) the number of matching green items at the Auction House at any one time is pretty limited. This is where the ability in the AH to show an item on your character is an absolute boon. This allows you to preview your ‘choices’ before purchase too, thus ensuring you don’t blow a wad of cash on an outfit you then decide doesn’t work. The biggest challenge however is weaponry: mogging removes all enchants from your items, so that means no glows. As you can see above however, there are items available that come with their own built in sparkles. If I were being honest I’d have picked a pair of Julie’s Daggers to make this set feel truly authentic, but I’m going to go with this mace/dagger combo for a little bit of Bling.

Outside SI:7, about to see how little dps I can pull on the Dummies…

I particularly like the Ethereal Terror Handwraps, as you can see that they have built in knives (which I imagine would fly out if I got disarmed) before I theatrically vanished leaving you with a sense of annoyance and minus your money. My best Rogue Friend, in lieu of actual buffs in groups, has a set of emotes that he uses instead. My favourite remains the one where he hands out time share brochures for Centaur Parks in Desolace…

Here’s a full list of the gear I used:

  • Darkmoon Dirk
  • Glorious Scepter of the Whale
  • Infiltrator Cloak of the Monkey
  • Infiltrator Armour of the Monkey
  • Scouting Trousers of the Owl
  • Cloaked Shoulderpads of the Tiger
  • Sunroc Mask of the Boar
  • Haldaar Boots of the Monkey
  • Etherial Terror Handwraps of the Foreseer
  • Scaled Leather Belt of the Monkey

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