A Place of Rare Beauty.

Ironforge is my home. Although my first character was a Night Elf, it wasn’t until I first rolled a Dwarf that I found a connection to the game world. I can remember the first time I went into Ironforge in Vanilla and realised I’d need a new PC if I wanted to do anything there. I can remember the first thing I did when I got that new PC was to walk around and look at every single place I’d previously been unable to see with a sense of utter amazement. This was somewhere I wanted to stay.

I still resent the fact that Stormwind’s been made into the de facto HQ for everyone because of the portals. I miss the days of giant rampaging demons taking down the Gates. I also miss the Elemental Invasions. I’d like Ironforge re-instated as a place people should need to come to, please.

OK so that statue’s a bit excessive, but still…

There is still a large portion of Ironforge that many people didn’t know existed, and had been in the game since Vanilla but not easily accessible. When Cataclysm launched the door in the Throne Room (on the right as you enter) was finally opened and you could gain access to the original bowels of the city, in the midst of which was the frozen form of Magni Bronzebeard. In an attempt to understand the Titan’s technology, he had paid the ultimate price for curiosity.

I’d like my ruler back please. I miss him.

Old Ironforge is vast, yet largely cosmetic, but it adds an entirely new dimension to the city. If you’ve not yet explored it, I’d suggest you do.

Dwarves and Stone are inextricably linked. Never forget this.

There’s a hundred great pictures of this city to be had, and it’s been quite difficult to select five, but it occurred to me that this last one is probably my favourite.

The Ironforge Library.

It’s a standing joke: Dwarves are about the beer and the guns, and many people overlook the fact they have a great thirst for knowledge and understanding, especially when it comes to their own heritage. Our leader has possibly paid for that with his life, after all. Dwarves are not simply to be laughed at, or to be ridiculed, they have a vast and rich history which should never be forgotten.

They also make by far the best Hunters :D

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