Silithus at Night, seen from the Uldum Border.

When my online life was simply my Hunter, back in Vanilla, I can remember with a measure of clarity the first time I entered new Zones. It took me an entire evening to fight my way through Un’Goro, to head up the slope of the crater and make it to Valor’s Rest, where (at the time) the southernmost Flight Path was located. This is before the area became a quest hub, even before the days of the Cenarion Circle. Silithus was a wasteland, and held an air of genuine menace. The place looks even better from the air, and I doubt I’ll ever get tired of flying over it. Last night it looked particularly beautiful under the moon.

Uldum, with the AQ Ruins in the background…

One of the things I most like about the remodelled world post-Cataclysm is the inclusion of areas like AQ20/AQ40 in their correct position on the World Map, and seeing the proximity of Uldum to AQ gives a sense of significance to the zone being hidden for as long as it was. I think my favourite parts of the world are where two zones meet like this: I will have to go to Loch Moden and take some pictures of the Twilight Highlands: I think the foreshadowing higher zones can do from lower ones gives a bigger sense of scale in the game, especially when you’re able to view them from the air.

Talking of foreshadowing…

Iron Summit, Searing Gorge.

Badlands had been hard work. I discovered the passage between there and Searing Gorge totally by accident, and shortly afterwards stumbled upon Margol the Rager who promptly ate me. Forced to kill her when I resurrected I was staggered to find she dropped a quest item, which ended up giving me the Key to Searing Gorge. I’d never had a key before, and in the days before the keyring bag it took pride of place in my recently-upgraded 16 slot bags. The zone’s undergone a fair few changes and I wasn’t sure the addition of Iron Summit was really needed, but it’s rapidly become my preferred arrival Flight Point in the Zone.

The Twilights in Searing Gorge.

One of my favourite quests in Searing Gorge was to help the ‘human’ you’d find outside the Thorium Brotherhood’s camp (Kalaran Windblade, who turned out to be a member of the Black Dragonflight, and was the first time I realised my tracking would be useful as he doesn’t show up as a human)  He would send you to kill members of this cult for a Symbol of Ragnaros, which was also my first introduction to the mysteries of Molten Core. Ah yes, the ORIGINAL. /nostalgia. This is my favourite part of their encampment. I’m pretty sure the crystal sunk in the middle of that lava pool wasn’t there until Silithus was developed… Oh and the guy standing next to the Alchemy Lab is a rare spawn!

Grimeslit Dig Site

My other favourite spot in Searing Gorge is the Grimeslit Dig Site, which was the centre of a number of amazing quests, including the Goodsteel Ledger which sent me to Theramore and the Swamp of Sorrows to complete it. It’s also the first time I encountered an Outhouse quest with Caught! As I recall, getting the silk cloth for that quest was the hardest part of all. A lot of Geologists died, and this was in the days before increased spawn rates…

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