This used to be my Facebook profile picture. I’m mad, me ^^

  • Attempting to make it through to Friday. I’m getting the distinct impression it’s gonna be ‘one of those weeks’ so I’d better warn you now to be on your guard. If the 1.5 inch long burn on my right palm (don’t pick up wire trays straight out of the oven, kids!) is any indicator, I’ll be swathing myself in bubble wrap and lying in a corner until things improve.
  • Doing a Stock Take. Yes, I’m sad enough from time to time to sweep up all my gold from various alts, with all the crap I’ve not quite worked out what to do with, and clean up. This time around I suspect this will also involve deleting quests I will not get to finish, deciding what’s going into Void Storage and what I can get rid of (they so should have named it The Big Purple Storage Company ^^) and generally preparing for 4.3.
  • NOT PLAYING SKYGRIM. Yes, I KNOW, but there really are only so many hours in the day, and I’m trying to write a novel here. Feel free to keep telling me via Twitter how awesome it is, however, as you all are. If I get a bit grumpy, just humour me, it’ll be because I can’t write.
  • Getting Hunter #2 to 85. This will be followed by getting Bankalt Co-ordinator Druid to 82 and Palalalalalalaladin to 83. Am still not sure what to do with the Priest. Shaman Healing is pretty much all I’ve managed successfully this Expansion. I may need some direction here.
  • Not forgetting about the Crafting Post. I’m working on it…

2 thoughts on “This Week, I Will Be Mostly…

  1. Priest healing still does not feel right this expansion. I have a couple of very good priest healers in my guild and asked them for advice and still not getting the feel for it.

    Shaman healing however is perfect in my opinion. Sure, I know in hard mode raiding they seem to be the odd one out, but being I do not raid hard modes shaman healing is perfect.


  2. I think my next “character clean up” will be the end of the month. Should put me in prime shape for 4.3 and seriously get a lot of garbage (quests, toons, items) removed from my account.

    Nevermind playing it, I'm probably one of the few bloggers who doesn't even know what Skyrim even is.


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