BRB, off for a lie down. Don’t loot me… ^^

We are in ‘one of those’ times in Game. You know what I’m talking about: I can tell you who’s playing Skygrim, who is anticipating another weekend of SW:TOR Beta action, who is just ‘doing other stuff’ because they’ve done with Azeroth until Dragon Soul pops up. Conversely, I’ve seen a number of people appear who I’ve not seen for months (in one case, for close to over a year) We are in a period of Warcraft Flux.

For me, I find myself happiest when things are quiet. It’s a problem when I have to put together a Raid and of the X people who have signed at least 10% won’t turn up. However, thanks to the flexibility of the game (and the fact I have people who know if they have a good-geared alt and they miss getting picked in their preferred role I’ll look to them to fill in) we’ve not yet missed putting out a team. I will admit getting stressed the first few times but now I know who’s likely not to bother turning up, I can work around it. Note to people who CBA to turn up: UNSIGN. You get extra points for apologising afterwards that you weren’t available, by the way. I’m easily pleased.

I’ve spent the week faffing, outside the normal run of Jewelcrafting Dailies (not missed one yet) and running Dire Maul for Rugged Leather (I’ve also sold 2 Ogre Suits for 50g each this week, go figure) On the suggestion of Amateur Azerothian I got the updated Ackis Recipe List and fired it up last night on the Lock as an experiment. I’m missing a bazillion JC recipes (obviously) and I really ought to get to Dalaran to start picking up the Daily there for the patterns I miss. Then I took a look at Alchemy and got something of a surprise:

I’m only missing 11 recipes :O That’s GOTTA be reduceable, I think, so off I went on another of my famous tangents. Last night I picked up the Fel Regeneration Potion from SMV, and three of the five Mighty Protection potions from Icecrown. The biggie of course is the Vial of the Sands, but I’ve been meaning to grind the skill on W for a while, so today I’ll be adding Archaeology to my To Do list on the Warlock. I’m also thinking what mobs I could grind for the most financial game in the 40-50 level range to have any hope of those remaining two Transmutes… ^^

I like quiet bits in the game, because I get to do things I really enjoy.

3 thoughts on “I’m Still Here…

  1. I have to get that addon. I am a completest as well and I wonder how many I am missing. As far as I know I have never seen anything in alchemy I am missing

    I guess I have something to put on my todo list as well. :)


  2. Glad I could be of assistance!

    I've really relaxed on putting it to use myself. I think the closest I am to anything is Enchanting, which is around 40 left.

    I also REALLY need to decide who my Alchemist is going to be. It's the one prof I don't have.


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