I have vague memories of doing my first instance in Uldaman, VERY late one night. Needless to say it was long, difficult and ultimately frustrating. The same is true for Maraudon, which I remember taking several nights. Blimey, a couple of days to finish a five man ^^ However, the first instance I remember with anything approaching fun and/or enjoyment was Dire Maul, which I went in shortly after it was introduced.

The Maul, viewed from the air…

There was a Priest in our Guild, back in the day, who gave me a piece of advice I still recount today: mana users die first :D She took myself and my husband into Dire Maul East, which we did in a morning. A MORNING! This was a revelation to me, and it meant that DM became my favourite spot for farming. I still remember my utter joy when I finally completed a Tribute Run without having to kill a guard.

The Maul, with it’s resident Ogre population.

I’m spending a lot of time back in the Tribute Run of late, as it’s by far the best place to farm rugged leather (I used to run UBRS but there’s a bit too much Dragonscale for it to be truly profitable right now, so the Gordok Mastiffs are a great alternative source of skins.)

Inside Dire Maul North, or the Gordok Commons.
There are many dogs here. Ogres, too ^^

Ferelas is still a largely neglected zone, even after the remodelling. It’s a fabulous place to quest in and remains my favourite zone on Kalimdor by quite some way. It has everything, and if you’ve not paid it a visit lately you really should.

You can never go wrong with a Green Zone ^^

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