Hunter #2 Sorted. WTB [Gears]

I have achieved a fair bit IRL over the Weekend, which makes me a Happy Bunny [TM]. Surprisingly some of it was actually Game-Related, with the Secondary Hunter hitting 85. I ground the last 14 bars (yes I still use bars) in Deepholm using Treasure Finding Potions x 2 (took me two hours with Rested and the Anniversary Tabard) which should mean when I log in this morning I’ve made a decent sum as a result. This is not a moment too soon as it appears that 4.3 is this week. I could do a huge post on what to prep for but frankly, if you’re not set by now you’re not gonna be in 24/48 hours ^^ You can put this sanguine attitude down to the fact I expect to break 50k on NaNoWriMo today and ‘win’, even though I’m nowhere near done. I’m cool, me :D

I am aware I’ve gotta post a ridiculous number of screenshots in the next two days. I can do that, especially as I expect we’ll see extended maintenance Wednesday and my kids are forced out of school that day anyway, so I suspect I’ll not be far from a PC.

Anyway, I’m back. Once I’ve had breakfast however I’ll be off again… ^^

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